Southall Dragons – Lost by 91 runs

Scratch team battle through!

25 overs match against Southall Dragons at Greenford.

Surprisingly Dom opened the match today. As Bowler and straightaway got a maiden. Kept good figures on the whole and when being punished in one over, got the No 2 with a great delivery. At the other end Mamun had not got the password but more of him later. Matthew then bowled always in line but apart from a good first over yielded more than he was happy with and now it was Leo and Stuart with the ball in hand. Stuart soon tempted the No. 3 to lob high toward the boundary and guest Robin Warner made a good catch even if ended resting in crook of arm. Leo also played some accurate shots dismissing their man on unambiguous LBW. Robin also had a good efficiency and bowled their No 5 at the right time as he was on 49. Mamun returned into the attack and induced their No. 1 to make a lob towards point where Stuart was ready as ever with his hands earning praise from members of the Dragons. Mamun now scented Blood and had the next player caught immediately. Could he get the hat trick? Surprisingly close and did in fact get another wicket bowling their man just before the end. Overall not bad fielding, catches not blatantly dropped and there was no overthrow and needless runs but 191 was a challenge indeed.
Today it was Stuart and Niroshan to open and we found they were a good fielding side. If we threatened the boundary, their man was always in play to restrict and our rate was  turgid. Stuart went for LBW and although at crease much longer Niroshan was well bowled. Dominic blocked a lot of shots in his half hour but found wooden legs at the other end and was run out. Leo was slow to get going whereas Robin was immediately chasing singles before lobbing a really high ball that was not fumbled on the catch. Just before drinks, Scott went out to join Leo who was now acquiring singles and the odd 2. These two finally found the rope, or flag markers, and got our precious four fours in a partnership of 49 only broken when Scott was LBW against their 10th bowler in the final over. Matthew strode in at 99 with one firm challenge, we needed a 100 for pride and he did the job. Meanwhile Leo had the fine score of 47 and maybe one more over would have seen the 50 but it was not to be. So that was it, no batting or even padding up for the lowest order though we appreciated our other guest Asif in the field and your correspondent sees a very different perspective from mid off or fine leg compared to the table. 
These were friendly visitors and the match was played in good spirit under skies that improved. Who knows when we will get another match like this but it was good to be a part of it.