Old Finchleians – Won by 57 runs

Duckworth Lewis comes into play!

Match against Old Finchleians in North London

Today our challenging opponents were a generally young community so plenty of linked surnames and sense of togetherness. Would that age be a rage of physical energy or a display of inexperience? It was neither but a sporting crowd who love the game and a venue where we have had varied fortunes before.

Dominic was again at the helm and we opened with him being partnered by Manish. Quite early on their sporting nature was evident as a collision put Dom to ground and they refrained from chasing the run out to much applause. Steady defensive play kept the opening bowlers Jay and Dion at bay for little loss and Manish had the first boundary not long before seeing Dion send ball to wicket and 29-1. Stuart came in and tested the ropes very quickly also gaining from a poor overthrow that went all the way. Dom was next to be bowled as Stuart levelled scores but had also featured one boundary in his time. Mahender came in and was held back time after time until it was change of bowlers. Here was a partnership of 54 to feast on when Mahender sent two clean over to the scoring/spectators in Vishal Savani first over. In the next of his, the 18th it changed with a three wicket haul but not hat trick. Firstly Mahender went to launch but was neatly caught behind then Newton was repaid for last week by suffering Golden Duck and Leo got to second strike with no score. 99-5. In strides Robin and complemented Stuart well who kept a blistering pace on strike reaching 50 in 43 balls over 72 minutes. His pace increased and 75 reached when N Depala induced him to leg before. 162 on score with 200 now in sight. By now Robin was suffering from the rapid pace and retired hurt so a new pair faced – Scott and Anosh – and the run rate collapsed as bowling style changed. Neil Depala was the dangerous bowler taking Anosh and Mamun in the 35th and Matthew lbw in the 37th. Each on a wicket maiden. N Depala had the first maiden of that innings but not till 32nd. Scott was chipping away but needed a final partner so Mamun became runner for Robin who returned to crease. Scott was eventually run out on a direct hit and the innings closed in the 39th over for 181 and Robin on 16. A great target.
After ample tea. Play resumed with the sky overcast and a cooler wind. Newton shone with a first over maiden with Anosh doing the same. Mamun then bowled ceding 4 and then Anosh was there as Parth Popatia was run out then in his next over he bowled Brij Pujara for a wicket maiden. Mamun was in place when Niroshan who was substitute fielder for Robin threw a wonderful direct hit from square leg to take out opening bowler Josh Brennan who was still only on 7 but they were in difficulty at 21-4. Niroshan had also done a hefty umpire stint earlier with many spending time in position. Manish also bowled Captain Mayur Depala Jr. during a spell each end with Mamun and he only amassed 6. Soon after the rain came down heavily and play was suspended. On resumption after 45 minutes the ground was much slippier, wetter and slower and it took
a few more light precipitations before play truly settled. A revised target of 160 in 35 overs had been agreed and that was a big ask but all here wanted to play cricket so play went on. After 20 overs Phil assumed role of substitute fielder. Roushi Depala had a slow start but suddenly made a great partnership with Nikunj (bowler N Depala) and piled on 50 runs before they found out that we can catch cleanly with Mahender, Manish and Mamun showing how that’s done. The boys finally scraped past 100 and a mere target for the last pair of 59 but although their spirit was high, Mahender was bowling cleanly and economically sending bowlers Jay, Vishal and Dion back for little score leaving the end of innings at 102 in 28.5 overs and Mitul left alone on 4.

So our winning ways continue with a margin of 57 (rain adjusted). Our hosts were gracious at all times and we look forward to future play with them. Although Dom was proud of our field and bowling. Today’s Man of the Match went to Stuart for his work rate and tally. (Robin send Stuart the Physio demand!). Once again so much to commend in all of the team and we await news from Canada on who is up next week.