Kingstonian CC – Lost by 1 wicket

Kingstonians edge a thriller!

Thanks to Colin for this match report


Old Kingstonians – a second fixture to fill the list gap

Returning here today to a fine ground with a great pitch and a warm welcome from the team we played first in this domestic season. We had a clear margin of victory last time out.

Dom elected to have our team of ten regulars bat first and Stuart and Niroshan opened vigorously against the opening bowling pair of Jack Picken and Joe Quelch, with few singles and in almost 10 overs the score was close on 50. Then Stuart went to attack a higher ball and it caught the top edge and smacked him nastily on his left cheekbone, causing him to retire and be glad of the assistance of many with ice packs etc. We kept on eye on him later to ensure no serious damage but he has a thorough bruising and pictures and tales are now circulating. Mahender came in and took a pair of singles then when faced with Jim’s first over he was bowled for the first wicket lost. 53-1. Newton came in and the runs escalated in partnership but during a Kaz over a ball skied off his forearm to be caught by their captain Alan Bradley. He did not walk immediately as the umpires debated their thought it came off glove but the bruising later would show he was right to dally but of course complied with decision at time, a useful 17 and 93-2 in 19th. Noddy now strode in and Niroshan kept going to drinks. Immediately after though Noddy was caught and bowled by Kaz so unusually a duck here. 99-3. Dom now strode in with clear intent and kept chipping away and the next casualty was Niroshan at 60, undone by the fresh bowling of Milan who was high scoring batsman for OKCC in previous match. He was given applause by all. 119-4. Sam now bedded in with a few singles but optimistically charged down the wicket on a slim chance and could not return in time to save his wicket and there was a run out early in Terry’s unusual style bowling spell which at times saw him barracked from the balcony from his own. Manish was next in and again chipping a few singles but was also run out by a whisker. 127-6. There was not much lower order and the rate now declining so Stuart returned, with a helmet this time, adding seven in a lengthy spell to give him 24 overall and run out during an over from their big Dean. 152-7 in 35th over. About now Dom had a double scare as a catch was fumbled and in the void after was almost run out but judged safely home. Scott came in determined to raise the run rate and hit steadily with two boundaries complementing a fine boundary from Dom and although caught and bowled by Dean had added a swift 18. 182-8 in 39th. Matthew was now at crease with an early single then was also run out to make the score 185. A no. 11 was ready but Matthew had only departed on the last ball of 40th over so a target was set up of 186 to win for our hosts, more than their last outing when their middle order were awkward to shift. Dom carried his bat and had amassed second highest innings score of 28.

On return to field, Stuart was not up to play as we all know if he is out there he won’t stay still, so he nursed a fresh ice pack but did not drip onto the scorebook which he filled. Dom had 10 only including myself and only really five first choice bowlers so careful strategy was set and until the 9th over was responsible for a very low run rate. But 23-2 thanks to fine spells from Noddy and Manish (two early maidens) with Milan and Roger Montgomery going very cheaply and fine fielding to run them out from Mahender and Niroshan. Their replacements were Alan and Sohaib who were going nowhere fast and despite most balls being accurate, Sohaib in particular consistently found the boundary with six sixes in his 85 and Alan also having two as well. In the 15th with score already raised to 91, Newton proved his bruise did not deter and bowled Alan for 46 and swiftly also took Kaz for a duck. 91-4. Dave Lazenby was now in and complemented Sohaib with two early boundaries and the score raced to 159 before Newton caught off the placing of Manish for 22. This was only 27th over so we looked on the ropes but Joe was swiftly out for a duck, bowled by Noddy in his later spell. And then the wicket needed in 29th as Newton bowled Sohaib. Then in the 30th Mahender ensued another run out off Noddy’s bowling to take Jack for 1. 166-8.
They now needed another 20 but we determined to make them fight and Matthew and Mahender bowled tightly including maidens to work Dean and Jim with the score reaching 179 at the end of 38th. 12 balls and one wicket needed to bring out Terry and two to snatch the victory from the jaws of loss but in this 39th over with the prospect of Dom bowling a last over, Dean got his eye in and two boundaries passing target in last ball of 39th over with his useful 15.

A deserved win after the powerhouse innings of Sohaib but our never say die fortitude meant that this match was alive till the end. Our field is often strong and Dom and bowlers made the best of it today with great strategy. Our hosts fully appreciated this match and who knows what will happen when the next opportunity occurs. Man of the match today was so good at containing the outfield, he was not called to share keeping, nifty as ever to ensure run out and our star this week with bat and easily was Niroshan.

Next up is our special Anniversary year away match at Wendover and your scribe looks forwarding to reading how that is next week.