Alleyns Adhoc – Won by 76 runs

Mahender’s batting blitz!

Today the challenge was Alleyn –

The winning streak continued today with a win by a clear margin today over Alleyn Ad-hoc. This team has existed about the same time as we have and is always a match where we are warmly received. Mendis captained today and we batted first on a fine pitch quite quick on some parts of outfield. Stuart and Leo both dropped out too swiftly but Niroshan who later kept wicket in second half of fielding and Mendis steadied the course. McGill was a high speed bowler and clean bowled Niroshan paving the way for a steady partnership of 71 once Mahender came in. Aggressive from the start he piled on 96 runs in 82 balls until out in last over and tantalising close to century. This included a six that was nearly caught but the effort made sure it landed over the rope. Mendis thought he had gone cheaply yet had third highest score of 23 but by then the course of the innings was altered and a high score was on sight. Newton partnered Mahender by scoring 26 after a slow start and keeping strike where the runs would be found. Scott who went on to keep in first half had a forceful attitude and racked up 14 carrying bat in a few balls and Manish had also chipped away swiftly but was run out on a hard second run chase without sure footing. Finally having dropped well down the order Dean was in place for the last ball bowled and no chance to score but a challenging target of 207 was now in place.
Despite the lack of hot tea due to an electrical fault we were amply refreshed and it was time to field with vigour and how. Newton set the tone inducing opener to lob an easy catch and the golden duck and Niroshan had his hands waiting for this gift. Newton took two more wickets and Dean got one too as bails were sent flying and it was a mere 17-4 and the dejection was evident. Dennison, McGill and McLean tried to stabilise with long spells but not too many runs and Young Sam looked like heading for a best if passed 10 but went on 7 and it was now a paltry response of 82-9. Despite a lot of earlier fine fielding which made them nervous of running a gear change happened and the remaining 15 overs passed by for the highest opposition partnership of 42 thanks to tailenders Harris and Smith.

So a massive win by 82 runs and a fine display of teamwork especially behind wicket. All other bowlers – Robin, Mamun, Manish, Mendis took a wicket or more and if Mahender had more than three overs he might have claimed one too but yielded little anyway.
Man of the match was clearly Mahender today but every player always showed the grit to keep him on toes and looking to defend that honour next week.