Home – Winchmore Hill v Pacific CC – lost 3 wickets

We are hosting the very competitive Pacific CC on Sunday – please come along – all are welcome

Ground details;

Winchmore Hill Cricket Club

The Paulin Ground

Ford’s Grove

Winchmore Hill

N21 3ER


Match report courtesy of Colin;


Talent Spotting

Another visit to Winchmore Hill, this time as hosts to welcome long-standing challenging opposition Pacific, the team based around Finsbury Park/Islington.

One of the pitches was having remedial attention now that weather is favourable and so we had to wait a while and watch the youngest colts, probably U10, seeing some tremendous promise already. Luke, the young star of Pacific is not playing much as he is called up for Junior England Squads. Our match therefore was not started till 14:41 but the weather was really fair so we hoped light might not dampen any finish. We had elected to bat first after winning the toss once again.

Leo and Mamun opened today against Alistair Pusinelli, probably the fastest bowler faced in a while and Leo got the slightest of nicks to the 5th ball and Sharma, their keeper had solid hands. Manish kept the strike away until Alistair took Mamun LBW in his next over. Not the start hoped but now there was a pairing of Mendis and Manish so runs were likely and as ever Manish always looked to run and Mendis liked testing the boundary fielding and you could feel apprehension from Pacific but Phil Smith bowled Mendis for 15. Mahender went out knowing we needed some consolidation and although their tight bowling kept the rate low, there were plenty of strikes including a classy six over Long On from Mahender and this was a week he could build a score to 28 before Pusinelli made a solid catch at Midwicket. Dom then assisted Manish through to drinks.

The second pair of bowlers were Bing Stanley and Tim Garrett who kept the pressure constant. Manish was now into 69 and in wanting to move away from supporting to hitting the boundary he powered a shot that edged up behind square on the leg side and became a catch that was not wasted by Bing and he had 23 amassed in that lengthy stint. Niroshan joined Dom and stated intent swiftly and Dom had some well executed drives to gain boundaries but in sending firm towards Midwicket Pusinelli took a catch deep and held well. We had at least reached 105-6 with his 13. Stuart knew that we needed runs on the board and knowing Niroshan can produce they set about changing the game. And how! Stuart was timing well and had six fours in the first four overs faced, then next over he launched way over Cow Corner over the Ground hedgerows and into Ford’s Grove. They found the ball and Stuart was still at large.

Niroshan was also industrious despite one dropped catch that was badly unsecured and had reached 37 before a ball went up and was well taken by Ahmed at Fine Leg, a tremendous 80 partnership which had just been crowned by Stuart making 50 in 31 balls. As ever there were run out scares, particularly when he was at 46. Ronnie was next in to face this new bowler Kieran Mullens and made a Mid On shot that was fumbled by Phil Smith so he raced off to steal a run and caught Stuart less aware and having recovered the ball they sent it way too quick to keeper and Stuart was run out.

All was not lost as this brought in Scott who bedded in against Smith who had just also taken Ronnie LBW and was finally joined by Jonners who gave a maiden to Kieran. A few solid drives from Scott gave him 8 before he responded to Kieran by lofting a shot which Lakhani secured at cover and only Jonners remained on 2. In the end with 8 balls left we had acquired 196 and looked in a good position.

Tea was a great affair with plentiful selection that included some hot chicken dishes as well as barbecued drumsticks, pasta, rice and on the sweeter side scones, cake, ice lollies and choc ices. We kept it brief due to the later start. Before we resume onto the challenge, would just like to acknowledge Anthony Nunn who is this week’s sponsor of the match ball. Thank You.

Mendis and Mahender opened our bowling, both with Maidens, and the early wicket of Paul Rajkumar was taken before either batsmen scored. A clear LBW off Mendis. Jay Lakhani was joined by their Captain Toby Chassaud and this pair livened up before Mamun as the first relief bowler got the stumps of Lakhani for 12. At 28-2 in 11 overs they were slipping behind already. It was Mamun again who bowled Sumeet Sharma, their wicketkeeper, for 13 after some vigorous play either end. This match Scott was our sole keeper.  Dominic had a couple overs, not as tight as recent weeks but importantly was there when Toby sent yet another boundary seeking drive that Leo did well to secure at length for his 29.

All still looked well at 80-4 in 22. The late hour caused a slip up and we were not able to get drinks when requested. Their pairing now was Kieran Mullens and Bing Stanley who staked claims as all rounders as they pushed for every score before Kieran departed on 27 being bowled by Mahender not long after a dropped ball and was replaced by Mutti Siddiqui who continued the attack and soon their score was about par with ours. A return spell from Mendis secured the wicket of Bing for costly 42 in 26 balls, Stuart Mark 2!! At now 152-6 the rate required was less than 6 and we had run out of our most consistent bowlers. It is important however to develop experience in our game so Ronnie bowled into the close with some lines that looked deadly but not always the consistency he aimed for. Tim Garrett was caught at Long On by Mahender off Manish for 9 but we had not shifted Siddiqui who was on 36 by the end assisted by Alistair Pusinelli on 12 as they reached the required 197 with 9 balls remaining.

A loss this week by 4 wickets against strong opposition but it was a full game played in ideal conditions and enough interest to captivate a local who remained watching the game through to the end and helped update the scoreboard with Jeremy having done most of this through the match. We also saw Matthew for a while as he ensured we had the engraved T20 Shield ready for defence on Bank Holiday Monday. Earlier in our batting, Jonners was actively explaining how cricket works to one of his students, Taka, who is a baseball player both in Japan and for an expat side in London. We also enjoyed the company of Danny, Simon and Robert. Once again you see a team of opposition players but you get friends and supporters to back up our team. Mahender was pleased with all aspects of our game, he was able to score more after leaner weeks and the team was focused throughout chivvied along by Manish and Stuart. That 80 partnership set up a strong challenge to which Pacific worked hard to meet after a hesitant start and they were generous in praise of our players in their match report.

And so on to a Cricket packed holiday weekend with the invitation to Barton Seagrave and then T20 in Barnes.