Mayfield (league) away – won by 127 runs

Venue details from our hosts – Our ground address is Hazelwood Lane Sports Ground, Lynbridge Gardens, N13 5BH.  Drive through the green gates at the end of the road into the car park.
Following the conclusion of the game we go for a drink (or two) at our Clubhouse, address is rear of No.1 Kenmare Gardens, N13 5DR, which is 2 mins drive from the ground and 5 mins walk.

With the excitement of last week’s dramatic win away to Mayfield fresh in the mind some of us may have forgotten (surely not?) about the thrilling reverse fixture earlier in the season. With our fantastic scorer and match reporter absent for this fixture here’s my attempt at the match report (sorry it took so long, we were waiting to obtain copies of the scorebook from Mayfield)…


June 23rd, dry, bright and a beaut of a wicket at our postage stamp home ground; Manish won the toss and battled any Nasser Hussain like urges, choosing to bat first. Opening up were Jesant & Dom, Jesant getting us off to a flyer with a succession of silky cover drives and late cuts that prompted the now infamous opposing captain Shaf to suggest that he might be playing in the wrong league…


The fifty partnership came up in good time, Jesant taking the lion share whilst Dom saw off the lacquer on the new ball at the other end.  With the score on 74 Jesant was unluckily run out taking a quick single thanks to a direct hit from the fielder. This brought me to the crease and saw one of my more fluent innings managing to get a few off the square and to the boundary, meanwhile at the other end Dom, though struggling with a jarred shoulder, had loosened the shackles and the 50 partnership came up as he closed in on an individual 50 himself as we broke for a drink.


Unfortunately as is often the case a wicket followed the break with Dom falling to the youngster Jeffery for 38. This brought Neil to the crease and whilst a nice partnership seemed to be gathering pace I played around a straight one, lbw to Kureshi for 27. In strolls Newton at number 5 and another lovely partnership is formed but sadly broken by a neat bit of fielding whilst looking to steal a quick single; Neil run out for 19 and the score 196-4.


This brought Kosala to the crease and he continued in the same vein as those before him, playing in his usual aesthetically pleasing manner. We saw yet another lovely partnership on this good batting deck until Newton was bowled by Cullen and shortly after Kosala fell to Captain Shaf. In at 7 today was Leo and he did his best Jos Buttler impression smashing the ball to all parts including the most sumptuous of sixes straight over the bowlers head! He was briefly joined by Manish at 8 who became another victim of Shaf, lbw for zero, and Mamun who struck a lovely boundary before being bowled by Kureshi for 5. By this time the score was on 246 from 44.1 overs, Manish waved the teams in, Graces declare.


Tea consumed, Graces strode out confidently but Mayfield got off to a strong start with a 35 run opening partnership broken by Newton, snaffling Starck c&b for 21. This brought the young Nick Starck to the crease and whilst he was settling in Neil got the other opener lbw for 21 and shortly after (the older) Jeffery for 4, clean bowled. The score on 48-3 and Grace’s confidence high.


What followed was the first of two damaging partnerships as young Starck and (not so young) Bhatt put on 52 in good time to lead the counter attack. When Bhatt was out bowled to Mamun for 31 Mayfield had reached 100-4 from 15.2 overs. Shaf in next, joined Starck and quickly got into his stride taking advantage of the short boundaries. This started a period of toil for Graces as Shaf’s hitting and Starck’s elegant strokeplay took them through the drinks break and past the 200 mark. Grace’s needed quick wickets and it was the Australian amongst the ranks who obliged with Neil taking the wicket of Shaf for 59 caught in the outfield, 207-5. Next over Newton to Starck, a fine knick caught behind and he was gone for 60, 213-6 and absolute scenes as Grace’s believed again that a victory was within reach!


With wickets and time running out for Mayfield they needed someone in the lower order to step up and Kureshi at number 7 was the one to raise his hand. He played sensibly but with intent as wickets continued to fall around him; Jain falling to Neil for 5, Cullen and young Jeffery both run out for ducks. This took us to 235-9 as we all watched on, nerves frayed. Kureshi managed to monopolise strike as Mayfield looked to knock off the 12 runs required for victory, Graces looking for that one wicket to remain unbeaten….


Last few overs, Manish to Kureshi, A CHANCE as Kureshi fires one firmly back to Manish but it was real stinger and would have been an absolute blinder if Manish had held on. Kureshi and Mayfield survive. Final over, Neil bowling, ANOTHER CHANCE as Kureshi launches the ball HIGH into the sky and towards long on where Newton positioned himself perfectly but was unable to hold on. Another incredibly difficult chance made that much harder by the situation.


One ball remaining, Mayfield require 4 runs, Graces require 1 wicket. Neil steams in and delivers a full ball on the stumps, Kureshi swings and the short boundaries come back to haunt us as a thick inside edge flies through square leg and Mayfield win by the barest of margins, by the barest of all margins!!!


Jubilant scenes from the Mayfield players and fans, intense disappointment for Graces but Manish reminds everyone to hold their heads high after what was an incredible game of cricket. To the bar where some friendly beers were shared. We’ll just have to beat them at their place 😉

Hampton Wick – away (Cricket festival) – lost 6 wickets

Bushy Park, Hampton Wick KT1 4AZ

Hampton Wick Royal Cricket Club

Midweek delight in Bushy Park

Taking up a particular invitation by Hampton Wick Royals, long standing regular hosts of our games in many years, Jonners managed to gather Graces Players supplemented by others we know well who play for various teams to play this midweek all day match. Wednesday 10th July was a lovely bright day and ideal for Cricket. Dom, a former Captain, took the reins for this one though it was good to have Manish in the side too, as you will see. 

Overs were not limited but starting at 11:19 there was intention to play until Tea interval at about 14:30. Before that we would have drinks about every hour. Graces and Guests batted first against the two Jones, T and S. We know of course there is a third brother in the sides but he was working today. Our openers were Adam, again to be wicketkeeper today, and Dom. It was hard work getting any score going. After three maidens, Dom got a single and Adam the boundary and I could finally try pressing new buttons on the scoreboard remote. I tend to cope with it as the game progresses though fixing errors is stressful but the hardest part was initial set up today. Anthony, who kindly sponsored today’s matchball, was around to help in every way and be delightful company as ever but opted out of the technology. 

Umpiring was done by rotation from batting side as usual and it was good to have Alban, father of our youngest cricketer who we may see more of in the holidays, open as Umpire for the first ten overs. Jonners being the other at first. 

Sadly the next over was the demise of Adam as he was caught by Yas Ahmed at slip off T Jones.  Our first guest, Sacha from Roehampton was next in and T Jones got another scalp in the 7th as the ball flew at speed off the edge of bat, was touched by first slip and with a bit of a juggle caught at second slip by Wood. Joe, his colleague from Roehampton was in next and at least got a boundary before he was caught by Bate at Midwicket Off Sam Jones this time. 16 for 3 was not a most ideal start and around this time word was filtering through about the delayed Indian response to New Zealand in the Cricket World Cup semifinals. They might have been 5/3 at that stage so at least we knew it can happen to the least and the great. 

Phil of Hobgoblin Nomads was now in and just as the bowling changed in the 13th to Goodwin and Dunmore, he was undone too soon being quite forward of the crease on the third ball and given LBW.  On the modern scoreboard, batsmen appear on left or right and so far every player on the right had not lingered too long. Syed Ali of Sunbury was our next guest but Captain Nick Dunmore had now started bowling.

Long slow flighted balls that were an invitation to despatch to willing hands and also on great line, often Yorkers. Dom resisted the first but fell on the second and was caught and bowled for our top score of 7. 26/5 in 14th was not our plan and Dom was definitely displeased with himself. In comes Manish, lower order as often. First though after 15 overs was a drinks break. Not just a cup of weak squash taken onto field but a trip inside to a fabulous plate of fruit, fresh tea and coffee, iced water and optional cordial and home produced brownies and flapjacks. 

On resumption Syed and Manish stabilised the innings, rather like India were doing with Dhoni and Jadeja. Jadeja is from the same Indian state as Manish. He is now our Jadeja. This went well and became a partnership of 38 before Syed was caught at Long On by Dunmore off one of the last balls from Goodwin. His 28 was so valuable here.  Jonners in next, remembering last match,  was determined to stick around but Dunmore was still bowling and after three overs he gave into the temptation and sent it to Long On where Sam Jones did the business. In now comes Rob Field who now lives up Chelmsford way but has played a couple of matches for us in the past.

A hesitant start but then settled to a lovely rhythm with Manish. Mendip Singh and Wood were bowling now but this pair were staying and as we finally reached 100 at the end of 31st over it was another drinks break. Rob hit the only 6 of our innings on resumption off Singh but it was the 35th when he was caught by Sam Jones, this time at deep Midwicket. To his credit Sam was running around everywhere often thwarting boundary shots. 19 out of the 49 partnership to Rob’s credit.  Nies, our other Hobgoblin Nomad was in briefly but soon caught by Yas Ahmed at Gully off new bowler Mr. Bate.  Last man in to join Manish was Cato Harris from Ad Hocs in a lovely Icelandic Shirt. The 14:30 interval was a long way off. Manish however was hungry for runs. He was now on 41. Could he achieve a first ever 50? Cato blocked, he ran when Manish called, he read the game and stopped futile runs. He may have come close to being mankaded as he inched forward ready to respond. In one notable moment he set off but the fielder past short leg got it quickly and messed up the throwback to stumps.

Once Cato successfully regained his ground and the ball became dead, he walked over to that fielder and shook his hand. Hilarious. Manish got his 50 with a boundary off Sam Jones. The clock ticked on. Jadeja continues and suddenly it is as late as 14:21, virtually three hours of play, before Cato was run out on the second run of a Manish hit. He had tried to backtrack but there was no quarter a second time. The last wicket stand of 28 was over. Jadeja had stalled the Royals for a long while and his score was 66 not out in the 46th over and we had 154 on the board after all the early drama.  It turns out this was a personal best score, to our surprise,  as we have often seen great run chasing in lower order but Manish knows his achievements. 

While all our activity was going on the field, Kent was in the kitchen working on providing a splendid tea, all from scratch. Nick thought the deadline was 14:30, Kent was working on 15:30! We agreed therefore an innings break of fifteen minutes and to break the Hampton innings when food was ready. However, that semifinal was coming toward a climax, were India in with a chance or not. Everyone was upstairs watching TV in the bar. Watching more late wickets, a stunning direct hit by Guptill, a still mathematical chance of India survival and in fact the Kiwi victory. No one went back till that was all decided.

Alban had gone off earlier but Anthony stayed throughout, long enough for birds in trees to say he parked in the wrong spot. We discussed his forthcoming Arctic Cruise. A friend from previous travels, John, also came to spectate after hearing much about us. We also had Will with us, another great guy to have around. Later we also got to meet Robert who may assist with scoring as our season progresses when matches are in the south of London which will be a relief if a week I cannot attend. 

We resumed at 15:07 with Rob bowling to beefy left hander Yas Ahmed. What took us more than ten overs took place in one. Four consecutive boundaries! A precious dot ball and two byes. Manish bowled to Ian Collier and Yas and 9 more accumulated. How long till Tea? Rob hit back with a classy Wicket Maiden as he bowled a full toss and removed Collier. Harry Copeland was the replacement. Manish only yielded 1. Yas had more boundaries off Rob, Manish held firm. By the end of 7 they had piled on 50.

Hooray Tea was ready and a delight not to be rushed. Nies now joined Manish in bowling and between them the strike rate slowed. In the 10th just after a back of car park 6 but no damage evident, Manish got a result. Phil made a clean catch at Deep Extra Cover and Yas was gone for 53 of the 63 on scoreboard.  After getting used to updating the remote as I scored, it was to be a luxury not to have that task as the boys of Hampton took on that responsibility. Or was it?  Next in was G Tong. I gather he may have been away recently in Wales. The boys sledged both batsmen incessantly and as the pair steadily piled on runs they manipulated the tally on board. Quite confusing at times for the umpire colleagues. Cato and Phil were our next bowlers and it was the first from Phil when he removed Copeland for 27 on LBW.

Bate came in with determination and we feared another Yas but in Phil’s next over, Nies had a great slip catch to eliminate Tong on 45. A Wicket Maiden to boot. Wood came in and being passed strike survived the Cato over. Bate hit a boundary to reach the 150 and passed strike again and Singh really wondered why he was padded up at all and Wood smashed a Cow Corner 6 to finish the match.  Bate was 18 not out from 10 balls. In defending our tally, we had at least made it to the 23rd over against a side admitted as having a few first team regulars. It had gone 17:00 so a good time to socialise afterward in the Bar. 

It was not the closest of matches today but it was a fine experience and Hampton Wick appreciate that we put together a team for them. We enjoyed the company of our guests realising a midweek game is often most difficult for most players. And we now knew that depending on the next days semifinal, a thrilling climax to the Cricket World Cup would be in store. 

I mentioned earlier that our matchball was sponsored by Anthony. I do not recall giving many credits for this recently which is either an omission or a lack of sponsors recently. If you would like to sponsor a matchball please get in touch. If you know of anyone wishing to be a corporate sponsor do get them in touch as our committee knows many a way they could be taken on board. 

Our next match on 21st July now is League, away at Mayfield, to be played at Hazelwood Lane Sports Ground N13, not too far away from A406 Great Cambridge Roundabout. One we would like to win after losing the home fixture on the last ball the other week. Adam will post a report in due course on that match but we await some clarification of stats meanwhile.

Pacific (league) Home – HSBC ground Beckenham – won by 2 wickets

This game has been rearranged to be played at the HSBC ground in Beckenham

Lennard Rd, Beckenham BR3 1QW

Due to the timely intervention of Sam, we were able to go ahead with our League Game this week against our long time opponents Pacific. We had been let down by our planned venue Broxbourne and it was either rearrange completely for later in year potentially depriving two teams of matches, finding an agreeable alternative venue or even simple forfeit. As Beckenham is one of our periodic home grounds and vitally close to train station, Pacific assented to making the trip. Their Captain Toby Chasseaud won the toss with Stuart and elected to bat first. 

After the sweltering weather of Saturday it was a relief to find we just had a fine June Day with occasional high clouds. Light breeze and good light. It did however lead to frequent moves of the sight screens, which creak like crazy.

Rob Birch, a solid Welshman,  opened batting for them along with K Mullens. Our first bowlers were Newton and Ari. Both of these were tight. After 9 overs the score was a mere 32, 13 for Newton and 19 for Ari who had commenced with a Maiden. Sanjeev replaced Ari and then Mamun took up from Newton for a further incredibly lean spell. At 19 overs the score was only 63 with Sanjeev yielding 16 and Mamun 14 so far. As you can see there were minimal extras with solid keeping by Scott and little straying off true. Mahender now replaced Sanjeev while Mamun persisted and Drinks were taken after 23 overs at a score of 77. In this potential first half there had been little chances for catches and just solid defensive play although beefy Birch did power a couple to boundary. The only expensive over, soon redeemed,  in his short spell was Ari’s second.

On resumption Mahender had a Maiden, a wicket Maiden, as Mullens got an edge to it and it was well taken by Scott. He departed on 30 and Toby was next in. Sam had one over replacing Mamun then Jeshant was alongside Mahender. Their batsmen now tried to up it a gear and punished every opportunity even if only forcing a swift single. Andrew replaced Mahender for a couple before Jeshant finished his short spell. Now into second spells were Newton and Sanjeev then Ari and Mahender but none could dislodge the pair. They triggered first batting points in over 32 and added another 92 in the last 14 overs with Birch getting his Century and in final moments Toby secured his 51 as he wisely declared at 45 overs preserving 8 batting points, Rob Birch on 121 and their total 215. I think Pacific thought Had they done enough? 

Tea is served in the anteroom after a few minutes as both playing pitches broke at same time and the little delay gave many a chance to assess on big screen in bar if India could chase the high score set by England, they only had lost one wicket and Kohli was rampant.  

Our openers were Mahender and Sam against pace bowler Rob Howes and Spin Ollie Haill. Mahender wasted no time in blistering the boundary and soon needed a replacement bat. Sam meanwhile played some neat shots to be a good counterfoil before he was LBW to Howes in the 9th for 8 of our 73. Mahender had recently passed the 50 and those unseen players known as wides were very productive. We knew we had 87 minutes to bat before the last hour but this would only offer 21 overs leading to us having a potential total of 41 in our innings. Niroshan had come in next but as he settled down Howes bowled Mahender for 57. Scott was next up and parried many leaving Niroshan to accumulate 20 before he was also LBW, this time to Haill, in the 18th. Our score was 108 at this time compared with their 56 after 17 so we still had plenty of opportunity. 

In comes Sanjeev, and bearing in mind his 78 here a fortnight ago, we hoped to wrap the match swiftly. But this is Cricket. Somehow he mistimed that opening ball from Haill and it went high and was caught at slip by Rob Birch. A Golden Duck. Birch sympathised as he had suffered the same on Saturday in a match in Wales. Onward then with Jeshant whose single deprived Haill of any hat trick. Bearded Tim Garratt had replaced Howes by now and was not giving much away. At the drinks interval at 21 before the last hour we were on 128/4. Pacific thinking Had they done enough? 

Resumption saw another immediate loss. Scott was LBW for 8 in the opening over from Kiyana. In now was Newton. Two boundaries at first but only 11 after 20 balls. The 27th or the 6th of last hour saw the introduction of Hussain into bowling. This is a player we have known well over the years and pitches high and slow inviting catches. Today though he got past Jeshant and bowled him for 21. Time for Stu to rescue us. He only ran a single on his first strike but his second score was a 2 with massive encouragement to run hard from all at the sides and then he was bowled or at least played it on in that next over from Kiyana. 160/7 so 56 required but 78 legitimate balls remaining. Pacific thinking Had they done enough? Ari replaced Stuart as Kiyana and Hussain bowled and it was the 12th when Ari with a dust cloud from grounding the bat but not the ball sent a catch to Mid On at the invitation of Hussain and a tally of 2. Newton had recently been keeping strike profitably and was on 26 and we had 181 so 35 required from 48. Mamun was itching to get in and buccaneer but time for Andrew. He took singles and provided cover for Newton who was now expansive. This was despite Howells racing along the boundary reminiscent of the activity of Stuart restricting Newton to 2 often when it could so easily be a boundary.  The match became tense. Could we, would we, reach the total. The balls were fulsome but had we staying power. Newton, Andrew and Mamun could decide. And the other one, Wides. Newton determined. We got 7 in each over for 4 of 5 late overs despite Haill coming back. He in fact had the only two maidens of their innings. Suddenly after considerable doubt, we were definitely on course but if two wickets could fall in consecutive balls earlier we were still not safe. The 18th yielded the 7 and we are on a tie. Haill bowls the 19th to Newton and he gets a single to reach 50 in time and we made it. 

Despite their loss and a consolation of 11 points, Pacific enjoyed their game with us. They will rue the 12 byes and 32 wides as that was essentially a game changer. Could we have got over the line if they had matched our lean 13 extras.  Mahender top scored on 57 including 9 4’s and got The Wicket. Newton had 3 4’s in his 50, lean bowling too and with that final determination was applauded as Man of the Match. 

Anthony, as ever, was a great assistance and company as he kept the score plates visible. John and later on Phil were our other welcome supporters and I hope Phil uploads a particular score configuration. 

As Stuart commented at the interval in the face of 215/1, all our 8 bowlers had acceptable and good spells. We had at that point faced resolute batsmen. Andrew was also commended for industrious fielding which had contained them and Scott was a fine but will be bruised wicketkeeper. Full figures are on attached picture with the order Newton, Ari, Sanjeev, Mamun, Mahender, Sam, Jeshant, Andrew.

An enjoyable game once more and we believe we now have 92 points from 5 games and likely to be sitting top of a properly updated league table.  Next week sees the first of the return league matches as we host Hadley Wood Green at Broxbourne. Manish is back from the birthday bash to Captain us then . We will of course have perfectly clear heads for this even though there will be rightful celebrations with Dom and Paul the night before and with Manish and Simon the night preceding. 


Hadley Wood (league) away – won by 4 wickets

Hadley Wood play at;

Botany Bay Cricket Ground East Lodge Lane EN2 8AS

Transported to Botany Bay

Our third league game took place on Sunday 16th June against Hadley Wood Green in a picturesque but remote ground between Enfield and Potters Bar. Some can testify it was a long trudge carrying kit from Crews Hill Station. A large scoring hut in one corner with electronic scoreboard remotely operated from the Pavilion and Bar area. 

Saif of HWG won the toss and they batted first. As I was delayed by working, Paul Regan worked on our scorebook with young Ronan, son of Nee, operating the electronic board by gadget. All intuitive but sometimes the board needed a resend. Later I was able to continue and Ralph took on the challenge masterly after instructions from Stuart.

Newton and Ari, now fitter, opened the bowling tightly with the first casualty being their second player, Mohammed Paves, in the 5th and the score only at 14. Manish took up in the 10th soon joined by Mahender and in the 13th Mahender removed their Captain Saif who had swiftly accumulated 26. Mahender took Sha in the 17th. Meanwhile Rana Ghosh, their opener, had now reached 32 of their 79 as although Adam was efficient behind the wicket, we gave a lot of wides in this innings.  Paul Regan  only managed 1 before departing at the hands of Manish in the 18th. Chetan took off his pads in the 22nd again after Manish. The big target was Rana who reached 53 before Manish terminated his innings and then Sam and Andrew were our new bowling pair.

Sam got their player Nee Wijeysekera who had been planned for 9th but was 8th in the 27th as Andrew made a diving catch to secure while Wayne settled in and in fact the partnership of older Dave Turner and Wayne was quite lengthy until Dave succumbed to Nadeem in the fifth ball of the 42nd, a swift stumping by Adam. The lengthiest partnership just applauded at 50, with the 2nd wicket partnership failing at 49. Young player Jairaj Regan went in full of hope but Nadeem on next ball invited him to lift it safely to Midwicket and Manish? , departing on a Golden Duck. Last player in now and Manish starts the next over, the 43rd,  by removing Wayne  for 33. We therefore have an effective hat trick, three wickets in three balls and they have scored a total 180. Despite the worries of their catering lady who had warm food prepared, they were foiled in their plan to reach 200 but had gained 6 batting points which were to be forfeited if the innings continued into any 46th or more up to 50 for a side batting first. 

Tea was a pleasant selection including some warm food and we calculated we had 86 minutes of batting before a drinks interval and then the hour of play if needed which needed a minimum of 20 overs to reach 181. The scoreboard decided differently so there is probably a setting option on the terminal to determine options of target display. 

Mahender and Ari opened for us, facing Dave Turner and Paul Regan. Lovely strokes including a 6 from Mahender stated our intent but the rhythm was paused in the 4th as Ari was LBW to Paul for 7. Saif and Rana now continued bowling from the 8th and there was some atmospheric temperament change. On Rana first ball, he got the prized wicket of Mahender for 40 as he bowled him clean. Nadeem was the new player to join Adam. The next change in bowling brought in young Jairaj while Rana continued. Jairaj avenged his batting mistiming by inducing Adam to loft into the waiting hands of Saif in his first over with a credible tally of 16 while Nadeem was regularly driving boundaries, so much so that we reached 100 in the 17th over. 

Leo opened with a boundary but all too soon Jairaj had him LBW. In the next over Niroshan had opened his score but under the stewardship of Rana and reflexive fielding was run out. The break was taken after 21 overs resulting in a potential maximum of 41 to be played to secure a result with 74 required and five wickets in hand. Stuart and still Nadeem being the pair. 

Sha replaced Rana in bowling while Jairaj continued but paused after five overs in line with ECB recommendations for younger (14?) bowlers. Maybe Saif also bowled some of that batch as they were similar. Stuart was caught and bowled by Sha in the 25th for 7 and it was now Newton paired with Nadeem. Chetan had a single expensive over and Rana came back in orders to dislodge our guys to no avail. Jairaj also started back and continued his economy and almost had Newton but the catch was dropped and it was the start of a second over from Chetan, the 35th or 14th of 20 as now displayed, that a boundary off wide nudged us to 183 and victory yet again in league. 3 wins from 3 played. Newton was still there with 17 but our star batsman and man of match today was Nadeem with his two wickets and his 68. Regrettably the bar was not available after match so players soon dispersed but it had been a steady match leaving us at 60 points and top of the table again. Chigwell lie second at 57 from 5 matches. By the time this report appears, the league table was not yet updated  but might take us to new heights by Monday when the result of our Broxbourne match against Mayfield on 23rd is known.  In their bowling, Jairaj was the most efficient and had two wickets with Rana the next best over 10 bowled. 

Some may have pics from this match to share and it was good to have Robert, Simon, Pat and Ralph amongst our support. 


HSBC away – Beckenham – Won by 20 runs

Address; Lennard Rd, Beckenham BR3 1QW

Mahender was our Captain for this match at the delightful HSBC grounds adjacent to New Beckenham Station. We were playing their 3rd team that had no league fixture and unusually we were playing as a team on a Saturday rather than many players often guesting for other teams in response to appeals. 

Mahender opened with Stuart facing the bowling of Shimul and Kaura. Stuart was attending a wedding function in the evening so he left us at the interval with Robert capably stepping up as substituting fielder. It was hard going against this pair and with recent rains it was a stodgy outfield. There were some sunny intervals and the big sightscreens creaked audibly when moved. Anthony today was tremendous help updating the scoreboard plates on the exterior of the scorers hut. The first update was the dismissal of Mahender for 17  in the 7th being bowled by Shimul. This board featured the number of batsman in play so number 3 became Niroshan. Stuart had just got into boundary mode when a chase of runs too far left  him stranded and so he was out for 21 in the 9th. Scott joined Niroshan who was caught by Shimul for 9 in the 13th off Hamilton, with Harris now the other bowler. In came Sanjeev and got into his stride. In the 18th Shimul caught Scott for 12 off Harris this time. Sanjeev was on 12 then opened the next over with a 6. Newton was now alongside.

This was a lengthy well crafted partnership of 78 before Newton was caught and bowled by Dare in the 29th with Sanjeev now on 63 and still firing majestically. Leo steadied the innings through to the 35th when in response to Dare, Sanjeev piled a shot that went high and wicketkeeper moved forward to take the catch despite the odd sunny interval. A tremendous 78 on the tally of Sanjeev ably supported by Leo. Jonners went for a Duck in his second over facing the returning Shimul. Andrew played comfortably and almost got to boundary but pushed each time for two to be run. It was the last over when Andrew was bowled by Crozier, their 7th bowler, and Sam soon removed his pads when Mamun got a single second ball. We had surpassed the 200 and finished on 204 with Leo not out on 29. Previously unmentioned fifth bowler was Vijay who contained but could not disrupt Sanjeev in his prime.

A long walk over to the main clubhouse for tea, pausing as they made the anteroom ready for us, to watch the Cricket on projected screen. A fine tea on real plates. The clubhouse and bar is well appointed and I have seen smaller bathrooms at most major stadia. There must have been six or seven long steel trough urinals and multiple stalls with ample washing area. 

The weather was looking more unpleasant on return and in fact there were light showers towards the end but play was not interrupted. Newton opened the bowling with a Maiden and only yielded 6 in his first spell of four overs. Andrew was alongside and took the wicket of their number 2, Harris, in the 6th with Mahender safely catching at Long On. 

Mamun came in from the 9th over and swiftly removed Lloyd now on 9, same as Harris, despite the longer stay. The batting pair was now Vipul and Johnson with Sam also bowling in tandem. Sanjeev started his bowling spell in the 17th, replacing Mamun. This was to be an incredible run of 8 overs yielding only 11 for two wickets. The first of these was in the 19th  as Leo caught Vipul at Short Third Man off him for 34. This meant at drinks they were 90 for three surprisingly close to our 93 for 4 at the same point. 

Play resumed with the lean bowling including a second spell from Mamun and they only reached 116 by the 28th when Johnson was dislodged at 42, caught by Andrew at Mid On off Mamun. In the next over Wright went for 14, clean bowled by Sanjeev. Younger player Bravin (Vijay as bowler) had started quite slowly but upped  it a gear when the others were dismissed. Before his dismissal Surat perished for 11 in the 34th when Scott stumped him in the first over of Mahender’s second spell. Crozier made some big hitting resistance but Bravin was LBW to Newton in the 39th with the score at 175 and his own tally of 23. Shimul faced two balls and scored a single but we wrapped it up at 40 with a win by 12 runs as Sam delivered the final over and allowed Crozier to accelerate to 34 not out.  The last few overs had been quite a drizzle of rain but  HSBC were willing to see the game out rather than interrupted or abandoned. Fair Play. We all repaired to the Bar and to catch up in these lovely facilities and look forward to returning there later in season. 

Some pictures from the early sunshine of the match were published on the day. 

Man of the match was Sanjeev for both counts and he valued his bowling more than his prowess as batsman. Full Bowling figures are Newton 8-1-36-1 Andrew 5-0-27-1 Mamun 8-0-33-2 Sam 5-0-43-0 Sanjeev 8-0-11-2 Mahender 6-0-39-1.

Next report very soon after some figures clarification will be our visit to Hadley Wood Green on Sunday 16th and even while this appears we hope for a positive outcome while entertaining Mayfield in our 4th League Game.