Social diary 2012

Monday  02      social event

Naturally, friendly games of club cricket are in themselves quite social, with chat and banter on the boundary amongst spectators and the batting side, the relaxed break in the middle for tea (and sandwiches, and cake...), and the inevitable retreat to the bar after every match - win, lose or draw. We also regularly retire to the bar after both net sessions and our monthly open Committee meetings.

However, Grace's CC wouldn't be what it is if it didn't go much further, not just with its many tours but also by holding numerous other organised social events, both during the season and during those long winter months.

The social calendar centres round four annual events - the pre-season dinner, midsummer barbecue, end-of-season dinner and Christmas dinner. The Christmas dinner also features the club's annual awards ceremony - with awards ranging from 'best batsman' and 'best bowler' through to 'funniest moment', 'most ducks'... and 'sexiest player'! The midsummer barbecue is hosted annually at the home of one of our founder members, on a Sunday in July when a gap is left in our fixture list to enable the whole club to get together.

Socials may also be arranged at other times - any excuse! We have also diversified recently into hugely enjoyable clubbing trips, and naturally we are open to suggestions and requests for other events from any member of the club!

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