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We are proud to be sponsored by Sterling Technology

Sterling Technology is the provider of premium virtual data room (VDR) solutions for secure sharing of content, business process automation, and collaboration for the M&A, corporate development, real estate, capital markets, private capital, banking, and legal communities. Sterling Technology has been supporting the M&A and capital markets for over 30 years, initially with financial printing services. Since opening our first VDR in 2010, we have helped customers from 187 countries and 90 industries successfully complete thousands of deals. With offices in all major financial centres on six continents, Sterling Technology is trusted by its users to deliver exceptional levels of service on their most critical transactions.


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XCommNet have built and operate a powerful platform bringing instant Internet connectivity to businesses needing rapid deployment, for urban, rural, remote and hard to reach places such as wind farms, construction sites and festival IT systems.
Ideal for video and film production support, live streaming events, on-site still as well as emergencies or moving vehicles, working boats and yachts. We tailor our unique business services to your project’s needs.