Rottingdean (tour) – Lost by 21 runs

Pipped by able youngsters!

Our Tour match location was a delightful old club established 1758 just outside Rottingdean though most of our opponents were quite young as you will have seen in photos. It was a very wide pitch with some long boundaries and quite a steep incline to climb to reach long on away from pavilion. We elected to bowl first with Newton and Dean and it was only 4th over when Niroshan took a fine catch off Dean and scuppered the opener with Newton bowling his partner in the next over. This pair then took Stansfield the no.3 with a fine catch in the 8th, Newton catching at extra cover off Dean. Mamun and Mendis were the next bowling pair and despite lingering at crease a good while, no.4 only at 6 on the board when caught and bowled with quick response by Mamun.  Mendis meanwhile sustained a nasty blow to his foot when stopping  a ground shot but recovered to continue in play. Overs passed by at a low strike rate and then
Niroshan again took a fine catch off Matthew in his first over. 69 for 5. In Matthew’s next over he took their captain clean bowled and struck again to bowl no.7 with the score still only at 87 in the 26th over. Matthew yielded after 7 and Leo tried his arm along with Mamun and then a concerted spell from Newton and Mendis but these late players were dogged and played the innings out with scores of 28 and 26 and innings total of 147 so we had every prospect ahead.
Tea was a convivial event and it was time to put on pads and rise to the occasion. Dominic and Dean have scored almost 147 between them in the past but definitely not this time.  Dean was bowled in the 4th with only two on the count and rued the missed chance. Dominic tried to bed in but by the 11th he was taken off with only 7. This was fine return by Rottingdean and Dom thrust himself toward the crease to beat the ball to no avail and as he literally grounded his helmet dislodged and smacked the bridge of his nose. This was a downer and we were grateful that Harry drove him over to hospital as he took a hard blow and concussion was a worrying concern.  Niroshan came in but was caught too soon with no score. 34 for 3. Jonners now came in and started to build partnership with Stuart who was caught and bowled with a valuable 33. After many good calls to save run outs, Jonners was also caught and bowled soon after drinks with only 10 but the stability was there as Newton opened up. Leo was also bowled as Elliott’s third scalp with little score but at 85 for 6 the score is still well matched. Mendis did not settle today and was run out while still only on 4. Scott now strode in and provided the bedrock for Newton to keep scoring and a good partnership of 34 before caught behind off a new bowler. Mamun unfortunately went scoreless in a carbon copy delivery also caught behind in the same over and it was now 125 for 9. We were not beaten yet as Matthew could easily have partnered Newton on a last wicket stand but a sudden misjudgement had Newton run out on a fine 43 and Matthew only just scored. So 21 runs short overall but the game was always alive. 
In Newton’s stand there was one scare. A shot racing to boundary was neatly caught by Cox at Long On but Niroshan as Umpire called No Ball as the bowler had broken the wicket in the delivery stride. 
Before we indulged in further hospitality, there was photos and award of the tour pennant and we were told how much our visit was appreciated.   There is every chance we will seek a return next season.
As there was some light rain during play, scorer retreated for cover and with help of Daniel so enjoyed the scorekeeper  box and electronic  scoreboard. Don’t get that at Greenford!
Matthew had by far the best bowling figures at 3 for 19 off 7 so should be man of the match this time around, though Newton ran him close as all rounder.