Away v Weoley Hill – Tour – lost by 6 wickets

Valley Parkway


B29 48N

Match report courtesy of Colin

Tour Report
It was a sunny bright day on arrival at Weoley Hill. Bustling activity in the kitchen suggested there might be a fulsome spread later for which pictures would be posted on WhatsApp as is our wont. Ari as Captain this weekend gathered his 3 Graces and our Unicorns and we were to bat first. A good wicket in prospect with reasonable movements on the outfield and some hilly bits approaching the pavilion and score box boundary.
Opening were  Glen and Tom Cox against Alf Preece and A Webb. Glen got off the mark with a single and Tom soon cracked a boundary but they were kept in check. In the 5th, Glen got bowled to our surprise by Preece then Ganesh opened with a single and Alf took out Tom as well to make us 12/2 off 5. Alex joined Ganesh and they withstood a determined attack until the 13th by which time Fletcher was on his third and he fooled Alex who like Tom had amassed 6 with Ari now emerging.
Ganesh then went LBW for 6 so it became 26/4 off 13.  The ever brave Hattie came in but was bowled for 3 by Barnacle in his 4th and the 16th making him 6-1 and we on 32-5.  Abdul was in next and he and Ari raised the pace and some bye boundaries took us to 61/5 at drinks. On resumption Draper bowled Abdul for double figures 10 in a Wicket maiden. Scott bedded in being a good companion to get Ari on strike who was hitting the mark. Scott was caught for 9 in Chowdry second over but this was now 33rd and 131/7. Next up was Anne who despite a single was undone by Rogers in his third maiden in four overs. Sam Long swiftly hit a boundary to dispel any thoughts of a swift finish. Ari yielded to Colin after the 38th retiring on a handsome 73. Sam got another boundary and Colin got a single so we closed on 166/8.
There was no tea. The food seen was a regular club fundraiser buffet and drink event.
Ari and Abdul opened, each with a maiden to frustrate Rogers and Draper. Ganesh then caught Rogers for a duck in Ari’s second. He was unhappy to say the least. Senior player Trafford came in, potentially his last club match, and barracked by Weoley folk. He was conservative, that was a jibe too, but stayed the attacks. Sam bowled Draper for 11 in his first over to make them 28/2. The pace was closer to ours but with Webb going for 10 in the 15th, bowled for Sam’s second, bringing in Chowdry, they started to accelerate.
Ann bowled but was knocked around on her 3rd, Tom bowled tightly and Trafford really should have walked on 49 caught behind by Scott who was covering really well as wicketkeeper all innings. It was not given. Trafford would finish 53 not out but before that Colin got to bowl the 29th over. At first his bowling was better at Chiswick but Chowdry came forward to punish the short length and Tom caught deftly at Mid On. He did walk with grace, satisfied with 67 and the state of game. Fletcher came in and closed the innings with a boundary. We did enjoy the game and just needed to dislodge that fourth wicket partnership earlier, as they hadn’t been wavering even with second spells from Ari and Abdul. We kept their score well down by great fielding from Glen and Anne especially, our team displaying no weakness.
Mahe arrived in the evening and Sam found us a great place to eat in town, Thali recommended, following by a somewhat noisy bar on Hurst St in the Village.