Widmer End match

Here is the line up for Sundays game at our home ground. Please get there by 1:30pm to help setup for a start of 2pm.


In the event of any issues or bad weather I can be contacted on 07802 418628


1.       Dom

2.       Abhi

3.       Jonners                                                                  

4.       Richard Goatman            

5.       Neil                                       

6.       Manish

7.       Anosh                                                                                                  

8.       Hamang 

9.       Ramesh                                  

10.   Manish (rajh)

11.   Richard Bielby                   

12.   Laszlo (12th Man)


The ground details; 


London Marathon Playing Field Greenford

Birkbeck Avenue


It’s 5 minutes from Greenford tube station